Black Diamond Shape. Different Shapes of Black Diamond Explained.

black diamond shape

The curiosity about the black diamond shape has been there since it began trending. In what shapes they are available and how it stand different from their counterparts ordinary diamonds?

Black diamonds are rare, not only it’s their color but their shapes have also made people discover in detail about them. Yeah, black diamonds are available in some usual shapes too like round cut, pear cut, marquise, cushion cut, emerald cut, and princess cut. But it also has some rare shapes that many people don’t know and that makes it stand out from its sibling.

Let’s learn in detail about the rare black diamond shape which usually stays unknown to many.

Rose Cut Shape Black Diamonds

Rose Cut Black Diamonds

Many of us know about this admirable cut in diamonds but in black diamonds, it looks wild.

Rose-cut diamonds look like the shape of a rosebud and in black diamonds, they resemble just a rare black rosebud. In vintage designs, the use of rose-cut black diamonds is most common. You will fall in love with the shape of the black rose cuts. Rose cuts are commonly available in many shapes like round brilliant, pear cut, cushion shape, and emerald cut.

Jewelers with an antique jewelry collection often search for such unique rose-cut black diamonds. Rose gold is still trending and a rose-cut black diamond makes an adorable combination. Facets on rose cuts reflect light in such a way that their symmetrical structure is visible easily. It just looks like a rosebud is about to bloom on the jewelry with pinky feels. Sounds much girly, isn’t it? That is why the word “rose” always attracts girls and so rose-cut shapes have done so far apart from other ordinary diamond shapes.

Most commonly cut black diamonds are seen in vintage engagement rings. Apart from that, one can also see them in earrings, pendants, and bracelets.

The world’s largest cut black diamond (312.24 carats) is a rose-cut black diamond set in the Spirit of de Grisogono Ring.

Baguette Shaped Black Diamonds

Baguette Cut Black Diamonds

Most people mistake a baguette shape for an emerald shape, but these both have a huge difference. Emerald cut diamonds have 52-54 facets while baguette-cut has only 14 facets. while the only similarity is that it belongs to a step-cut family of diamonds.

Just like the emerald cut, the baguette cut is rectangular but it’s one of the unique shapes to be found in diamonds. In black diamonds, baguette cuts are rare to find and only a few diamond manufacturers make them. Hence this shape in black diamond is rarely available.

But where black diamond baguettes are used? Most of the men’s ring or bands features a black diamond baguette. Many famous jewelers with unique jewelry designs use baguettes in the halo of the ring.

With a black and white combination on the ring, baguettes get a trendy look to the engagement ring.

Shield Cut Black Diamonds

The shield cut in black diamonds looks more like a triangular shape. Its top edges are bowed and other sides are made of two bowed edges. This shape resembles a shield that a warrior carries for protection. Hence shield shape has its significance. It is one of the rare black diamond cuts available.

The major use of shield-cut black diamonds is in Unique style engagement rings. They are also often used as a side stone which resembles shields protecting the main stone.

Famous jewelry designers with shield-shaped black diamonds made awesome engagement rings that gained several appreciation.

Trillion-Cut Black Diamond

Trillion Cut Black Diamond

Trillion-cut black diamonds are triangular with three slightly curved sides of equal length. Smaller diamond has 31 facets while large stones in trillion cuts have 50 facets.

These diamonds are usually used as a side stone in a black and white diamond engagement ring. A combination of black and white works for most jewelers and people demand it more.

Apart from Engagement rings with black and white combinations, they are often used as a pair to make black diamond earrings. The triangular shape of a trillion cut has many important whether it be math or normal life. The demand for such unique shapes is higher in black diamonds. So own a triangular-shaped black diamond for your jewelry too.

Kite Shape Black Diamond

Kite Shape Black Rustic Diamond

A diamond shape that looks like a “diamond” is what a kite-shaped diamond is termed. Regularly, it can be spotted as the side stones of any diamond engagement ring. But in black diamonds it is different. Black color in kite-shaped diamond has given this shape an identity to be the main stone in an engagement ring.

Its elongated shape and step-cut structure in black diamonds made this possible. Jewelers with aesthetic and antique designs seek black kite-shaped diamonds.

This shape is unique and brilliant because of its shape. Often giving a gothic look to an engagement ring is the reason why jewelry designers want kite-shaped diamonds in black color.

Heart-Shaped Black Diamonds

Heart Shaped Black Diamond

The most popular heart shape is not only popular over the world but also in diamonds. The heart shape in black diamond is difficult to cut and hence it is difficult to get. Only a few manufacturers offer them as they need well-skilled diamond engineers to cut them.

Heart-shaped black diamonds are the new buzz, just like the black heart emoji used on various social media apps. Many designers opt for heart-shaped black diamonds to complete their lovely collection of jewelry.

Engagement Rings with heart shape black diamond in center stone get more attention during the festive season. Lady Gaga, a famous pop singer has worn a heart-shaped engagement ring.

The demand for heart shape in black diamonds never goes low. Heart shapes in black diamonds are also found in earrings and pendants.

We have seen all the rarest shapes of black diamonds above now we will see what are the common shapes available in black diamonds.

Round Brilliant Cut

Round Brilliant Cut

The most common cut among all of the diamond shapes, the round brilliant cut diamond is popular amongst jewelers. Round brilliant-cut diamond consists of 57 facets.

The use of round brilliant-cut black diamonds is most common in any jewelry. But they look different from ordinary diamonds. One can get black diamonds in a round brilliant cut just like other white diamonds.

But black diamonds cost less than white diamonds and also are the toughest form of diamond available with a hardness of 10.


princess cut

Princess-cut or square brilliant-cut black diamonds are 2nd most famous diamond shapes in the world. Black diamonds in men’s earrings are greatly available from jewelers worldwide.

Square-shaped or princess-cut black diamonds are often found in stud earrings for men. The jet-black color of black diamonds increases its appeal to fit men’s jewelry.

Apart from stud earrings princess cuts in black color are found in engagements, pendants, and earrings too.


Black Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald cut in diamond is popular because of its rectangular shape. As it looks broader and acquires more space many people select this shape in their engagement rings.

Emerald cut consists of 58 facets and are known as step cuts too. Emerald cut in black diamonds looks wider and the table looks larger than ordinary diamonds. Also, the emerald shape is more popular than square-shaped diamonds.

Jewelers use this black diamond shape to make trendy engagement rings, bracelets, and pendants.

Oval Black Diamonds

Oval Cut

An oval is a shape that is similar to a round brilliant cut but it is narrower and longer just like an egg. The oval shape consists of 58 facets which helps it to optimize the carat weight of the diamond. Hence oval cut appears to be larger in comparison with round diamonds.

Oval-cut black diamonds look brilliant and look gorgeous with small oval tables surrounded by facets that leave a sparkly effect.

Recently oval shape gained popularity, as we all have seen how Hailey Baldwin rocked in her oval-cut engagement ring. So if you are a black lover and you love oval shapes then you can go with oval-cut black diamonds.

With black oval cut diamond earrings and oval cut black diamond engagement rings, many celebs have rocked the red carpet. So an oval-cut black diamond is something that is the best thing one can ever have if one cannot afford white diamond engagement rings.


Cushion Cut Black Diamond

The name itself is enough to give you a clear idea of what the cushion-cut diamond would look like. It was also known as an old mine cut which features a square cut with round corners. Cushion-cut diamonds have 58 facets and if you take a look at it from the griddle it appears as a star.

The cushion cut in black diamonds looks more like a princess cut black diamond and it looks bigger from the backside.

With its popular shape, women often go with cushion cut in black diamonds. A black diamond engagement ring cushion cut makes an appealing demand.

Jewelers experiment with cushion-cut black diamonds in their jewelry collections from time to time.

Asscher Cut

Asscher Cut Black Diamond

Asscher cut diamond is one of the unique shapes in diamonds due to its rectangular-faceted shape which looks somewhat like an emerald. The cushion-cut has 58 facets which are the same as emerald and cushion-cut diamonds. Asscher cut is a combo of emerald cut and cushion-cut diamonds hence it is also known as the square emerald cut.

A black diamond cushion cut is the same as its counterpart but its luster is pretty good. The unique structure of the Asscher black diamond makes it a perfect stone to fit unique and antique diamond engagement rings.

Just like cushion cut and emerald shape, Asscher cut black diamond is always featured in earrings, pendants, or wedding bands.


Marquise Cut

An Eye or a boat-like structure of a diamond is known as a marquise diamond. Marquise diamond is made up of 58 facets and an elongated oval shape with pointed ends.

Marquise cut in black diamond is popular because of its vintage look. Although it is less used in engagement rings, it is often used in earrings due to its slim shape.

The demand for marquise cuts suddenly rose due to its eye-like shape when kept adjacent. Many popular jewelers made evil eye-themed jewelry with its use.

Radiant Cut Black Diamond

radiant shape black diamond

The radiant cut is a lovely symmetrical, nontraditional cut that is most preferable for fancy color diamonds. So if you are going to buy a black diamond and want to buy something different then choosing a radiant cut is never a bad idea.

We can say it looks like a modified emerald cut but there is a huge difference between both. While the emerald shape has 58 facets, the radiant cut has 70 facets.

In a black diamond engagement ring radiant cut diamond shape looks unique with two side stones beside the ring. Pendants with a radiant cut are gaining popularity.

Pear-Shaped Black Diamond

Tear Drop Black Diamond

Also known as teardrop diamond is one of the famous diamond cuts that looks like a leaf or teardrop.

Black Diamond Pear Cut has great appeal in engagement rings, earrings, and pendants.

Engagement rings with teardrop black diamonds make it look elegant and different. Because of its black luster and nature-themed feature, the teardrop diamond has gotten all over the attention of world-famous designers.

With Stylish and attractive features teardrop black diamond has become and point of interest in the gems and jewelry industry.

This was all about diamond shapes and sizes, I hope at the end of this blog many of you have a clear idea in mind about the rarity of black diamonds and their shapes. Black diamonds have set a trendy look with the most emerging gem for jewelry recently.

From famous personalities to well-known jewelers black diamonds have acquired everyone’s mind and heart.

The jewelry industry has achieved many things with this gem. Natural, hard, and wild it has everything to offer. Also because of their color and shapes black diamonds have been a trend and it still has a long go to stick to most jewelry designs in the industry.

Jogi gems have all these types of black diamonds in various shapes and sizes. And if you have any special requests for black diamonds then you are free to contact us. While buying black diamonds be sure you check what type of diamond it is. Because each diamond shape shares a story.

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