There are different shapes available in our black diamonds inventory. The most famous shape is a round brilliant cut black diamond and it is available from 1 mm to 10 mm size. Our fancy shape black diamonds include princess cut black diamond, emerald cut black diamond, teardrop or pear-cut black diamond, marquise cut black diamond, Asscher cut black diamond and cushion cut black diamond. We also have rose cut black diamonds in the above-mentioned shapes you need. There is a great collection of hexagon cut black diamonds, kite shape black diamonds, coffin shape black diamonds, and more. You can get various loose black diamonds from sale at Jogi Gems online.

Black Diamonds

Black Diamonds are charming and are swinging across the globe due to their jet black color and shiny appearance. But do you know? black diamonds are natural and they have to undergo heat treatment to obtain a jet black color.  Jogi Gems have a diverse collection of black diamonds ranging from their shapes to sizes, you can get it at wholesale price.

Black Diamonds Price?

Generally, the price of natural black diamonds is really high ranging from $1500 to $3000 per carat. While you can get treated black diamonds at $150 per carat to $300 per carat with a superfine AAA quality. What is the meaning of AAA quality in black diamonds? AAA quality in black diamonds means it doesn’t have surface inclusion, scratches, knicks, or pots in it. So jeweler’s first choice is to get treated black diamonds and they’re used in famous jewelry pieces worldwide.

Black Diamonds For Sale

Jogi Gems is the best and one-stop shop when you are about to search for black diamonds for sale, so if you are creative and loves to design black diamond jewelry then you can definitely shop from our online store. Here you will find varieties of shapes in black diamonds. You will get 1-carat black diamond in round brilliant cut shape, Princess Shape, Oval Shape, Emerald shape, Kite Cut, Cushion, Asscher Cut, Radiant Shape, Pear Shape, and more.

From Jogi Gems you can get black diamonds at wholesale prices and it’s due to our own manufacturing unit, We have a long-lasting history in cutting, polishing, and supplying black diamonds to every corner of the world.

We are prominent dealers of black diamonds and we are happy to deal in large numbers with black diamonds. If you want to place big order in black diamond we are happy to give you special discounts on those. You can get premium-quality of black diamonds only at Jogi Gems at wholesale rates. Check out our latest stock in the categories below.

If you want to make a new jewelry design with black diamonds then you can take a look at our stock. If you want to buy readymade black diamond rings or earrings then we have a variety of gorgeous collections too. If you want us to cut a black diamond as per your requirement then you are free to ask us over here anytime. We can cut a black diamond of your type in any shape or size you need. You can ask us to make black diamond jewelry too. Get a wide range of loose black diamonds to make your jewelry at wholesale sale prices.