Jogi Gems is a leading exporter of natural salt and pepper diamonds, here you can get a variety of salt and pepper diamonds in different shapes, colors, and sizes. So if you are looking for a salt and pepper diamond shape then you can check with our stock below, you can get those in various colors and sizes, select the one you are looking for and create blissful jewelry with your excellent skill. These diamonds are 100% ethically sourced under KPC's norms and at affordable prices which will complete all your diamond needs at one-stop shopping online.

Salt and Pepper Diamond Shape

Are you looking for a salt and pepper diamond shape with unique beauty inside of it? Then you are at the perfect place as Jogi Gems has a variety of salt and pepper diamonds in diamond shape through which you can create distinctive jewelry pieces.

These salt and pepper diamonds have unique features, a shape that represents the perfect diamond shape in rose cut facets with a flat back look. Diamond shape salt and pepper diamonds look like a batman shield hence the demand for them has increased especially in the grey or rusty look.

Get these beautiful one-of-a-kind diamonds at affordable from a leading diamond wholesaler Jogi Gems, We have a salt and pepper diamond shape in a wide variety with which you can create a design or a gorgeous pendant that will catch everyone’s eye at one glance.

Salt and Pepper Diamond Shape at Wholesale Price

Generally, the price of salt and pepper diamonds depends on the translucency of the diamond. The more translucent the diamond is the greater is its price, then comes the carat weight of the diamond. 4 C’s of the diamonds doesn’t work on salt and pepper diamonds because of their unique characteristics. These diamonds have varieties of inclusions with dark and white speckles which makes them look different from each other.

Check with our wide array of diamond shape salt and pepper diamond available in the stock and create a jewelry piece that will create a viral obsession across social media and in your locality. Below are the diamonds which are available in the stock as of now, we update our stock on day to day basis so never miss out on anything and design jewelry that will rule the hearts of the people who love these trendy salt and pepper diamonds from Jogi Gems.

Are you looking for a custom diamond shape salt and pepper diamond? If you want us to cut a diamond for you then we are ready to do it for you, as we do have our separate manufacturing unit where we have set skilled and professional diamond cutters and polishers who can cut a diamond as per your type. all you have to do is message us the information with the help of mail or chat with the image of the diamond color you want so accordingly we will select the rough and proceed with cutting and polishing. We won't charge you extra for the custom cutting of the diamond. As a leading wholesaler of salt and pepper diamonds, Jogi Gems understand the unique wish of our customers and hence offer free customization service to our customer and completes it in the meantime as we understand the urgency of your orders too.