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Loose oval salt and pepper diamond for sale

One of the best-selling shapes this oval salt and pepper diamond shape is sought by lots of jewelers who work on salt and pepper diamonds with the idea of creating unique jewelry.

This diamond shape looks like an egg or you can say elongated round shape, most famous for its rose-cut faceted cutting on the top, and its area covers most of your ring area in less carat weight. This makes it one of the best-selling diamond shape across the world, also was famous among various celebrities loyal.

The meaning of a salt and pepper diamond is very unique it stands for even mortality, fertility, and rebirth. So not only do you wear this as a diamond but you can give meaning to your relationship in different ways whichever suits your personality or lifestyle.

Oval Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

One of the famous things a jeweler can do with these oval salt and pepper diamonds is to create a bohemian or vintage-style engagement ring with it. You can either pair it with round brilliant cut salt and pepper diamonds in the accent stones or use loose rose cut grey diamonds melee to create your unique design with it. Oval salt and pepper diamond ring is the upcoming trend in terms of unique diamond engagement rings.

Fancy Shape Oval Salt and Pepper Diamonds

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