Natural Vs Treated Black Diamonds

Natural Vs Treated Black Diamonds

Natural Vs Treated Black Diamonds

Many of us are confused between natural black diamonds and treated black diamonds, Let’s learn in detail about the Difference between Natural Vs Treated Black diamonds in this blog.


Black Diamonds, otherwise called ‘carbonados,’ the mysterious charm of characteristic dark precious stones makes them a top choice with gatherers and admirers of rare gems, just as a well-known decision for wedding bands and men’s accessories. They are among the most famous shade of precious hued stones. Lately, as the prominence of non-regular wedding bands has developed, the interest for these lovely diamonds has gone through the rooftop, and that too for valid reasons. 

Are Black Diamonds Real?

If you intend to ask whether there are real diamonds that are dark in shading, the appropriate response is a YES in totality – dark black precious diamonds are genuine! There are a few different types of Black Diamonds listed below:

Treated black diamonds or colored diamonds

treated black diamonds or colored diamonds Natural Vs Treated Black Diamonds

Treated stones are customary white jewels that are, as a rule, of meager worth. This is because of the extraordinary measure of considerations or imperfections in them. Since they have countless faults such as white jewels, the solitary use is as industry-grade precious stones, notwithstanding, with the assistance of therapies like illumination or warmth. A more appropriate name for these jewels is “colorless treated black diamonds” or “black colored diamonds.” 

  1. There are characteristic dark precious stones or the naturally occurring ones;
  2. There are human-made or treated, or dealt with black diamonds.

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Are Black Diamonds Real?

Things to know- NATURAL AAA:

Things to know natural AAA black diamonds

Regular AAA grade gemstones makeup under 1% and are the embodiment of flawlessness. Gemstones with this evaluation are uncommon and costly. These are a historical center assortment commendable. Natural AAA carbonados are on the higher side of the evaluating scale. Dark precious black diamond stones with this rating are impartially shaded throughout the body. Besides, this reviewing score is exceptional and rare, with just 1% of gemstones that fulfill this evaluating guideline.

Natural Vs Treated Black Diamonds-Price Point

natural vs treated black diamonds price point

The price standard is set when rarity and origin come together to determine the actual value:

Usually, naturally occurring dark black precious diamond stones, while plausible, are seldom found in nature. On past occasions, they’ve been found in Brazil, Central Africa, and different areas throughout the planet. Dissimilar to other shades of precious stones that can ascribe their attribute of color to land contaminations like nitrogen, hydrogen, and boron, crude dark black diamond owes their dark tone to the graphite quantity in them. Albeit not customarily thought to be a stone for financial investment, characteristic dark black diamond jewels have gotten progressively mainstream as of late. This has implied that the cost, which was relatively low before, has now expanded to be of comparative worth to precious white stones.

We don’t anticipate that you should know the distinction between ordinary and treated black diamonds. Accordingly, it’s, in every case, better to ask a gemologist or a trusted diamond setter whenever you’re considering making another buy. Costs can differ depending on the finish, quality, size, carat weight, and whether the jewel was exposed to any lab treatment. These recently referenced components will be considered the sticker price of your dark precious stone.

Producing human-made or synthetic dark black diamonds isn’t efficient or economical, yet with the headway of innovation and new technology, their costs are continually going down. If you are uncertain concerning whether you are making the correct buy, speak to jewel specialists. They will want to furnish you with pre and post-deal valuation administrations, guaranteeing that you will make the best buys and get the correct deals when buying or selling.

Regardless of whether you are hoping to buy or sell a dark black precious stone or dark black precious jewelry, you ought to find out about a dark jewel’s value first. One approach to decide a dark black precious stone’s worth is by having it evaluated by an expert appraiser. Something vital to have at the top of the priority list is that an examination will not mirror the total worth of a dark precious stone. There are a couple of respectable gemological labs out there that will give a reviewing report of your dark precious stone for a charge. These incorporate GIA, AGS, and IGI. 

Heated Black diamonds:

Treated black diamonds

These are essentially the white diamonds, dark precious stones, earthy colored and dim precious stones with heaps of faults inside. All, however, cannot be made coal black. It’s the calling that a professional stone maker takes to choose, to convert the white into black diamonds. These jewels are then placed in an HTHP chamber alongside dark carbon and handled at High Pressure – High Temperature to make them total coal black. We need to ensure that they utilize the best chamber gear and best crude shading material in this interface. After around 24 hours, the jewels are taken out and corrosive cleaned. The outcome is coal-black shaded diamonds.

Latest Trend Alert- Natural Black Diamond as Wedding Rings:

Latest Trend Alert- Natural Black Diamond as Wedding Rings:

 A beautiful twist with your one-of-a-kind, gripping, and to some degree, mysterious, dark black diamond has got its space as a mainstream decision for wedding bands. You can utilize 14kt and 18kt white, yellow and dark gold just as platinum settings to make these fantastic dark precious stone wedding bands be a solitaire, halo, a three-stone ring, or a ring with accents.


Dark black diamonds represent an impression of accomplishment, durability, mystique, profundity, and secret. This is the motivation behind why in numerous movies, you could see high-profile people in business showing them off in style. This is because it is uncommon and only occasionally found in nature.

 However, if you glance at the enchanted side of the stone, you would realize that they are connected with enthusiasm and are accepted to have energies inside, which enables you to rein your future in your grasp. Consider the above perspectives while making your purchase. We would love to customize your jewelry designs. Contact us now.