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Salt and Pepper Kite Diamond

One of the most demanded shapes in one-of-a-kind diamond jewelry is a Kite Cut Salt and Pepper diamond. This shape got its popularity as it makes the design looks more geometric and with its elongated shape it catches the eyes of everyone passing by.

At Jogi Gems you will get a variety of shapes in kite shape salt and pepper diamonds, it is also known as lozenge shape with its geometric background. It is fun for most jewelers to create their outstanding designs with kite-cut diamonds.

While cutting the rough diamond our cutters look at the length breadth and height of the diamond to make sure it will be a proper symmetrical shape. You will get a variety of colors in kite shape salt and pepper diamond, with clear translucent, to celestial designs and a few with galaxy-like inclusions in it.

Buy Loose Kite Shape Salt and Pepper Diamond

Different colors of the diamond have different stories in salt and pepper diamonds if you are in the hunt for a different color then you will get it at our shop, from brown, rustic red, grey, black and icy white you can find an array of salt and pepper diamonds at wholesale prices.

Kite Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

When it comes to designing jewelry with kite shape salt and pepper diamond then an engagement ring is the most chosen thing across the globe. You can create different styles that will rock your jewelry collections on what type of niche you follow at the time of designing your jewelry.

You can even make kite shape salt and pepper diamond pendants, earrings, or a two-stone geometric ring which is something different after all everyone wants to make their own space in the big mad world.

So start choosing from our one-of-a-kind collection of kite shape salt and pepper diamonds and get your jewelry an antique look.

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