Are you looking for something unique with the shield cut diamond? Then you can dig into our huge inventory where you will be able to find Shield cut salt and pepper diamonds in various colors, qualities, and sizes. These Salt and Pepper Diamonds are truly gorgeous with a blend of white and black, salty or peppery inclusions inside of them. You can get these in various other colors too, like grey, yellow, red, and other vivid fancy colors. From colors of autumn to the greys of cloudy weather, and bright as sunny yellow, till the dark shades of nature. You will get everything over one roof, at our website.

Shield Cut Salt And Pepper Diamond

Shield cut salt and Pepper diamond is popularly known for its geometric shape that represents a shield. You may find a clear shield cut diamond but you won’t get it like a salt and pepper shield cut diamond. This shape represents power, strength, and protection. So if you have a jewelry design in your mind that resembles protection or strength then using a shield shape salt and pepper diamond will be a perfect choice.

Shield Cut Diamond In Salt and Pepper Style

Salt and Pepper Diamonds have unique inclusions which occur in the diamonds naturally when they are formed inside the earth’s crust. Our experts select and sort the diamond rough very carefully and get the best quality of the rough diamonds and decide its cut and then bring it into an extraordinary shield cut to shape with our professional diamond cutters we can attain this best skill of creating shield cut salt and pepper diamonds.

Loose Shield Cut Salt and Pepper Diamonds

From our wide range of salt and pepper diamonds in a shield cut, you will get different colors and inclusions inside it which makes each diamond different from others. You can get various sizes too from which you can create a jewelry design that stands out different from the crowd and make your jewelry store look attractive. So choose your own and start with the design you have with your creative mind from our collection of salt and pepper diamonds.

At Jogi Gems you will get varieties of Salt and Pepper Diamonds but if you are looking for something unique or need to make a custom cut as per your wish then you can ask us for a custom shape salt and pepper diamond according to your choice. We are not only a leading exporter of salt and pepper diamonds but we also do cutting and polishing of the diamonds as per the customer's needs. If you like all the shield shapes above but you want us to cut them in a different way which is not mentioned above or it is a different project you have in your mind then you can head over to us with the help of an email or chatbox. All you have to do is describe the color, shape, and size of the salt and pepper diamond you'd like us to cut for you. We can completely understand the urgent and important needs and wishes of our customers and strongly adhere to their wants. So we are open to discussing any customization request from you and can make it happen the way you want with our skilled diamond cutters.