Browse with the distinctive collection of hexagon cut salt and pepper diamonds at one-stop online shop Jogi gems online. Grey salt and pepper diamonds in hexagon shape are making a great trend while set in an engagement ring, pendant, or earrings. Jewelers who are looking for a salt and pepper diamond or rustic diamond then you can rely on us and check with the authentic collection below. These diamonds are made inside the earth's crust with the inclusions of various minerals that add flavors to the diamonds in their color, clarity, and translucency. The popularity of grey and raw diamonds also known as salt and pepper diamonds is growing upwards in the modern world.

Hexagon Salt and Pepper Diamond

A Hexagon salt and pepper diamond is a unique diamond cutting with geometrical linings or facets over a diamond with six corners. Those who love to wear a hexagon salt and pepper diamond ring will always find themselves unique wearing it.

This geometric shape is popular in salt and pepper diamonds after the kite shape. At our shop, you will get to find different sizes of salt and pepper diamond hexagon which will complete your jewelry needs.

These diamonds are ethically sourced under KPC’s norms, the natural inclusions that have occurred under the earth’s crust are getting popular, Some inclusions are so unique that it relates to someone’s life story.

Create Your Hexagon Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

Choose a salt and pepper diamond in hexagon shape from our online inventory and start creating a one-of-a-kind hexagon salt and pepper diamond ring for your customers who are already loving this shape more than the ordinary diamond shapes.

Start hunting for the best diamond of your preferred sizes and start designing the ring which will make everyone fall for it at the first glance itself. Hexagons in diamonds are categorized as a geometric diamond ring style.

These diamonds are available in six side similar proportions as well as in elongated shapes too. The rare and dusky inclusions inside of the diamond are what make a hexagon salt and pepper diamond stand out from the crowd.

Loose Hexagon Salt and Pepper Diamonds From Wholesaler

At Jogi Gems you will get hexagon shape salt and pepper diamond at best prices in different colors, shape sizes, and clarity. If you want to buy an icy white diamond, rustic red or yellow color hexagon diamond, or a dark with pepperish style hexagon diamond, you will get everything in one place. We have translucent diamonds with little peppery speckles and hazy white salty speckles too. For more check out our unique collection below and kick start with your dream project soon.

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