If you are looking for a marquise shape salt and pepper diamond to create fine jewelry pieces then you are at the best place, Jogi Gems as a leading wholesaler of salt and pepper diamonds can offer you, Marquise shape salt and pepper diamonds in various shapes, color, and clarity you want. Marquise is a trending shape in diamonds but with salt and pepper diamonds you can find those in rose cut shapes with a flat back or double-cut shapes with which you can set the diamond the way you want to set in your engagement ring or pendant set you would like to create.

Marquise Salt and Pepper Diamond

Shop now from our one-of-a-kind collection of Marquise Salt and Pepper Diamond at wholesale prices. A Marquise salt and pepper diamond resemble a smile if set horizontally and it looks like a third eye if set vertically. Just like other traditional diamond shapes, you will get a marquise-shaped diamond in salt and pepper too, both in brilliant and rose cut shapes, Most probably you will get these salt and pepper diamonds in rose cut or flat back shapes to keep its natural beauty appealing,

Marquise’s shape is more feminine but even men who relate to the third eye concept have started liking this shape. In Salt and pepper diamonds the marquise shape is mostly loved by those people who like an elongated diamond that captures most of the surface of their finger while wearing it in a ring.

Jewelers who are into designing engagement rings or pendants with a marquise shape must go with the trend and choose some absolutely stunning pieces from our stock. With these unusual diamonds, you can start creating nontraditional jewelry and attract customers who are always searching for salt and pepper diamonds rings or jewelry for their wedding or proposals.

Create Marquise Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

Select the diamond of your choice from the diamonds below, you can check them with the different sizes available below, we have marquise shape salt and pepper diamonds from 5 mm to 13 mm sizes ranging from different colors like grey, pink, red, yellow, green, champagnes and more. The marquise salt and pepper diamond ring you will create will take the toll of your sell to the top as we believe in delivering the best quality to our customers at affordable prices. Search and browse with the marquise shape salt and pepper diamonds from our stock below and create magical jewelry with it.

Are you looking for a customized shape salt and pepper diamond, or you are looking for something different with the marquise shape salt and pepper diamond then you can ask us here over the chat or email as we can help you out with your unique requirement. Jogi Gems can cut the diamond shape of your type as we hold a lot of rough diamonds and customize as per your wish at the best prices, We understand the urge to do something different from others of our customer's wishes and hence we try to fulfill it every time we get it from our customers.