You can get these round salt and pepper diamonds at wholesale prices only at Jogi Gems' online website. You can design various types of rose cut diamond salt and pepper diamond rings with these beauties, use them as a center stone or as accent stones, these salt, and pepper diamonds are a perfect match for your jewelry designs to attract people and boost the recent trend of salt and pepper diamonds.

Round Salt and Pepper Diamond

One of the most famous shapes and cut in the rose cut is the round salt and pepper diamond, Yes, you will find most of the salt and pepper diamonds in rose cut shape rather than in a brilliant-cut shape as rose cut retains its beauty and allows people to look inside its natural inclusions.

Rose cut Round Salt and Pepper Diamond

There are different shapes available but only round shapes got the long-lasting opportunity to be in most jewelry pieces. Rose cut round salt and pepper diamond is the first choice when one wants to create a huge salt and pepper diamond ring, vintage diamond pendant, or a pair of antique diamond earrings.

Loose Round Salt and Pepper Diamond at Wholesale Prices

Usually, these round salt and pepper diamonds come with rose-cut facets on the top with a flat back appearance. You can get varieties of inclusions from transparent or translucent to heavy inclusions of pepper or salt in it. You can also find silky or smokey inclusions in the diamonds too which enhances the look of a round salt and pepper diamond. Such diverse inclusions make each diamond different from each other, so if you are looking for two similar types of color in this section it is quite difficult to find, just like two twins looking the same but their qualities might differ.

Round Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

If you are an innovative jeweler and looking to work on something different and eye-catchy then you must choose these round salt and pepper diamonds with rose cut facets. You can design various types of ring designs such as solitaire design engagement rings, two stone diamond rings, or three stone diamond rings. You can look for various options such as colors and sizes from our stock below.

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