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Rose Cut Diamonds

Recently there is a trend growing with vintage diamond jewelry and most of the jewelers seek rose cut diamonds in different shapes in modern-day jewelry. Jogi Gems have rose cut diamonds in different shapes and sizes like Oval shape, pear cut, round, Triangle, marquise, and more. We have rose cut diamonds of the topmost quality at wholesale prices.

Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Get Salt and pepper diamonds in huge variety at manufacturing prices from Jogi Gems. We have salt and pepper diamonds in Kite shape, round brilliant cut shape, round shape, pear cut, emerald cut, square shape, cushion cut, oval cut, hexagon shape, shield cut, heart shape, and more.
All of our salt and pepper diamonds are ethically sourced. Shop now with a one in a million type of collection from Jogi Gems one of the leading manufacturers of salt and pepper, gray diamonds online.

Diamond beads

Upgrade your rough diamond collection with our high-quality raw diamond beads in a wide variety. We have diamond beads from 2 mm to 5 mm sizes. You can make a rough diamond beads necklace, bracelet, diamond ring, pendants, earrings with our raw diamond beads.

Black Diamond

The trend of black diamonds is growing higher and if you make black diamond jewelry then you can get a huge stock of black diamonds from Jogi Gems at wholesale price. We have black diamonds in different shapes and sizes also we accept customized orders too. If you want us to cut a special cut according to your new design then we are ready to cut them as per your needs.
We have black diamonds in the round brilliant cut, rose cut, princess cut, emerald cut, kite shape, heart shape, cushion cut, pear shape, marquise cut, baguettes, hexagon shape, and geometric shapes. We offer black diamonds in AAA quality as it is one of the most quality in black diamonds. All our black diamonds are natural.


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