Jogi Gems is a leading exporter and manufacturer of Salt and Pepper diamonds, We promise you to serve bespoke jewelers and small jewelry stores who work on commission works to fulfill their requirements in a short time. Our online store is designed in a way that you can find the appropriate diamond shape and size with the color you are looking for to satisfy your jewelry needs.  You will get unique varieties, especially in geometric and asymmetric shapes. They got popular due to the raw and unique features and conditions of the diamonds. They appear stunning and eye-catchy and are getting fame due to their popular shapes. We also have geometric and asymmetric shapes in salt and pepper diamonds. These shapes can be used to set them as accent stones, You can also make a magnificent pair of salt and pepper diamond earrings. Jogi Gems source their diamond rough from various mines ethically under KPC's norms, So you will get a certain guarantee of our diamonds are ethically mined with all the legalities. Jogi Gems have a variety of shapes like Pear cut or Teardrop shape, Kite Shape, Diamond Cut or Pentagon shape, Oval Shape, Kite Shape, Cushion cut, Emerald Cut, Square Shape or Princess cut, Hexagon shape, Marquise shape, Shield Shape, Coffin Shape, Round shape and Round brilliant cut shape Salt and Pepper Diamonds.

Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Welcome to the world of one-of-a-kind Salt and Pepper Diamonds at Wholesale Prices From Jogi Gems. How would you describe Salt and Pepper Diamonds? In simple words, Salt and Pepper Diamonds are diamonds with a blend of White and Black inclusions that naturally occurs in the diamond while its formation. It gives a unique look to your jewelry with the availability of different shapes and sizes in varieties of colors. Due to black and white inclusions inside the diamond, it gives a dark grayish or light grayish color tone to the diamond.

Salt and Pepper Diamonds For Sale

Salt and Pepper diamonds are also known as Raw Diamonds or Uncut Diamonds as they are cut and polished into a rough with rose-cut triangular facets on them. There are a lot of synonyms for salt and pepper diamonds one of the most popular is gray diamonds. But you can get these diamonds in diverse colors like reddish, brownish, or greenish tones due to the blend of various minerals at the time of its formation phase.

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What are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

Design Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Rings

This collection of salt and pepper diamonds is especially for those jewelers who are always fond of unique and antique things to create jewelry that has a hidden meaning in it. So with these salt and pepper diamonds, you can start creating your specialized one-of-a-kind jewelry collection. These diamonds are created by nature so you can cherish their beauty with your creativity which will attract the thoughts of many.

Galaxy Diamonds, Celestial Diamonds, and Grey Diamonds

If you are looking for only white that is salty inclusions or pepperish which means darkish diamonds then you can get these in a pool of variety from our stock list. Most of them are also known as cloudy, milky, icy, or misty diamonds. Check out our interesting stock of diamonds now and plan your jewelry designs accordingly.

Jogi Gems have a very long history with knowledge of diamonds in their blood. It's our Third Gen serving the one-of-a-kind Salt and Pepper Diamonds. We have numerous shapes like the most famous pear shape also known as the teardrop shape, Oval shape, Kite shape, Pentagon shape or Diamond Cut, Cushion cut or Pillow shape, Emerald Shape or Rectangle Cut,  Princess cut or Square Shape, Hexagon Shape, Shield Shape, Marquise Cut Diamonds, Coffin Shape Diamonds, Round rose cut, Round brilliant cut shape Salt and Pepper Diamonds. Many Famous Jewelers who create beauty with Salt and Pepper Diamonds Buy from us on a long-term basis and we welcome new jewelers to get these diamonds with every detail they need from us as we try to understand their needs and want to complete them.  If you want to have a customized cut in salt and pepper diamonds then you can contact us with your requirements, As a manufacturer of salt and pepper diamonds, we can cut the diamond in the precise size and shape you want. The happiness of customers is where our success lies.