Welcome to the one of a kind collection of salt and pepper diamonds from the leading manufacturer and supplier Jogi Gems. We have a distinctive collection of salt and pepper diamonds in different shapes and sizes at wholesale prices online. Our salt and pepper diamonds are ethically sourced and they are 100 % natural. They are sourced from various ethical mines of Africa, South America, and Russia. You will get different varieties, especially in asymmetric and geometric shapes. Salt and pepper diamonds got more popular due to its raw and unique features and such shapes. They look absolutely stunning and are popular because of such different shapes. Jogi Gems have a variety of shapes like Pear cut or Teardrop shape, Kite Shape, Diamond Cut or Pentagon shape, Oval Shape, Kite Shape, Cushion cut, Emerald Cut, Square Shape or Princess cut, Hexagon shape, Marquise shape, Shield Shape, Coffin Shape, Round shape and Round brilliant cut shape Salt and Pepper Diamonds.

Salt and Pepper Diamonds are diamonds with many or less black and white inclusions inside of it. These diamonds got their name from the white inclusions as salt and dark inclusions as pepper hence called salt and pepper diamond. Most of the Salt and Pepper diamonds are of Grayish in Color due to black and white inclusions in it.

Hence sometimes salt and pepper diamonds are also known as gray diamonds. But you can find diverse colors in salt and pepper diamonds too, most in reddish, brownish, or greenish.

If you want to know more details about salt and pepper diamonds then you can refer to our blog link below!

What are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

If you are a jeweler and want to design one of kind jewelry for your unique customers then you are at the perfect place, here you can select the one of a kind diamond of your choice which is a unique composition of nature.

If you are looking for highly dark included or a diamond with black inclusions which is also called pepperish diamonds then you will get them too in our collection. And if you want only salty or cloudy diamonds, you can get all under one shop here at Jogi Gems.

This is the 3rd Generation of Jogi Gems working with one-of-a-kind Salt and Pepper Diamonds. We thrive to serve the world with these unique diamonds at wholesale prices online to complete their jewelry needs. Most of the famous jewelers get salt and pepper diamonds from us for many years and we welcome such unique jewelry makers who wish to source these one of a kind diamonds from us in a wide variety. If you have any unique requirement or want us to cut diamonds of your precise shape or size which you are unable to find here in our inventory then you are free to ask us over anytime via email or through chat. We have a pool of skilled diamond engineers who can cut the diamonds as per your needs. You can make one of a kind jewelry with our salt and pepper diamonds and serve the world with these to put a unique smile on their faces. Happy customers are all we want and we believe it's where our success lies.
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