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Salt and Pepper Diamonds – One in a Million Type.

salt and pepper diamonds

What are Salt and Pepper Diamonds? Have you ever heard about diamonds with salt and pepper? No, I am not talking about the food but these diamonds got their name from their appearance. Every diamond has a flaw or some blemishes inside its surface but its only visible through the naked eye. While these diamonds […]

What are Galaxy Diamonds? Conclusive Guide to Unique Diamonds

what are galaxy diamonds

What are Galaxy Diamonds You might have seen Solitaire diamonds that are pure white and crystal clear. They are precious timeless stones. But, how about some offbeat options? If you’re wondering What Are Galaxy Diamonds, we have curated an Informational guide for you. Galaxy Diamonds are slightly less known but equally enchanting and glamorous. These […]

Top 10 Engagement Ring trends Know Which One Is Best For You!

Top 10 Engagement Ring trends

Top 10 Engagement Ring trends Engagement rings have been a symbol of love, acceptance, and romance since time immemorial. The pandemic hasn’t been able to stop those in love, i.e., the engagement period. Brides and Grooms flaunt exquisite modern engagement rings that are a blend of vintage, contemporary, and sophistication. If you’re tired of scrolling […]

One of a kind Rings to Propose this Valentines Day 2021

Valentines Day Rings

One of a Kind Valentines Day Rings to Propose 2021 Pandemic comes and go but the love never dies, so if you are looking for some Valentines day rings to propose these hard times of 2021. You must add joy to her life with one of a kind engagement ring selection. In this blog, I […]

Ultimate Guide To Black Diamond Engagement Ring And Black Diamonds

black diamond engagement ring

Black Diamond Engagement Ring A black diamond engagement ring is becoming increasingly popular. It is not only because of its lower price point. But also because of its unusual, opaque color, and its gorgeous brilliance and shines. They are also very much impressive demand and choice for those less traditional brides, who continue searching for […]

Black Diamonds Vs White Diamonds.

black and white diamonds

Black diamonds and white diamonds what is the difference? People often raise this question because they are quite similar. But if they are similar then why the prices of black diamonds are lower than white diamonds? Let’s compare and find out about the major differences between these to identical diamonds. But before we go further, […]

Top 10 Mind-Blowing Raw Diamond Jewelry.

top 10 rough diamond jewelry pieces

People these days are looking for something unique, hence the vogue for raw diamond jewelry is trending among them. I know its something new, personally saying why to follow the trend when you can set one. In the world full of imitation going different is a bold move. Copying someone else and doing it their […]

How can you tell if a black diamond is real?

Are Black Diamonds Real?

Are Black Diamonds Real? How many of you got this question whenever you thought of purchasing a black diamond ring? I guess many of us did while encountering for the first time with the black diamonds. Yes, Black Diamonds are real. A diamond with lots of carbon inclusions causes it to turn dark, which in […]

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