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Salt and Pepper Diamonds – One in a Million Type.

salt and pepper diamonds

What are Salt and Pepper Diamonds? Have you ever heard about diamonds with salt and pepper? No, I am not talking about the food but these diamonds got their name from their appearance. Every diamond has a flaw or some blemishes inside its surface but its only visible through the naked eye. While these diamonds […]

Black Diamonds Vs White Diamonds.

black and white diamonds

Black diamonds and white diamonds what is the difference? People often raise this question because they are quite similar. But if they are similar then why the prices of black diamonds are lower than white diamonds? Let’s compare and find out about the major differences between these to identical diamonds. But before we go further, […]

Top 10 Mind-Blowing Raw Diamond Jewelry.

top 10 rough diamond jewelry pieces

People these days are looking for something unique, hence the vogue for raw diamond jewelry is trending among them. I know its something new, personally saying why to follow the trend when you can set one. In the world full of imitation going different is a bold move. Copying someone else and doing it their […]

How can you tell if a black diamond is real?

Are Black Diamonds Real?

Are Black Diamonds Real? How many of you got this question whenever you thought of purchasing a black diamond ring? I guess many of us did while encountering for the first time with the black diamonds. Yes, Black Diamonds are real. A diamond with lots of carbon inclusions causes it to turn dark, which in […]

Celebrity Black Diamond Jewelry

celebrity black diamond jewelry

Black Diamonds have rocked red carpets for a decade, Lets talk about the celebrity black diamond jewelry in this blog. They are popular for decades and with a decade history of popularity, celebs set spark on famous occasions with it. There are many celebs who love black diamonds and hence this made me write something […]

How Black Diamond Made its place in Traditional Jewelry.

black diamond jewelry

Black Diamond in Various Jewelry Pieces like Engagement Rings, Pendants, and Stud Earrings is now commonly seen. But how many of us really know about this aberrant diamond? Very few do, yeah maybe for most of us diamonds are either transparent or shiny. Yeah, few do know about rare color diamonds like pink, blue and […]

What Are Types of Rough Diamond Jewelry

What Are Types of Rough Diamond Jewelry

Rough Diamond in Jewelry is still a topic which not everyone understands. But it is something which everyone seeks to know. Many of us know that the fully polished diamond comes from the rough that is born under the earth’s womb. These diamonds are in their pure form and have stayed like that for ages […]

5 Reasons to Buy Raw Diamond Rings

Have you ever heard of raw diamond rings and wonder what it looks like? There are diamond jewelry with classic diamonds but have you ever tried to search for something different? This uniqueness in your thought regarding jewelry got you here. Rough diamonds also known as uncut or raw diamonds are born under the earth’s […]

Rose Cut Diamonds An Antique Trend In Jewelry.

Rose cut diamonds An Antique Trend In Jewelry.

Rose cut diamonds are the oldest diamond cut and hold a long history. Due to its rosebud like appearance, this diamond got its name as a rose cut. It is believed that rose cut was first discovered in the 1500s. Inspired by nature this diamond-cut resembles a rose flower bud. One of the most famous […]

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