Black Diamonds Vs White Diamonds.

black and white diamonds

Black diamonds and white diamonds what is the difference? People often raise this question because they are quite similar. But if they are similar then why the prices of black diamonds are lower than white diamonds?

Let’s compare and find out about the major differences between these two identical diamonds.

But before we go further, let’s talk about the 4 C’s of diamonds. Have you ever tried to learn about 4 C’s of diamonds before buying them? Or are you still unaware of what 4 C’s of diamonds are?

Well if you know about it or not but it is important to know about 4 C’s before investing in Diamonds.

So let’s discuss the diamond 4 C’s first.

4 C’s Of Diamond

4 C’s of a diamond stands for:

  • Cut

One of the most important things in all the 4 C’s is a diamond cut. After all entire beauty of the diamond depends on how brilliantly it is cut. The diamond-cut defines how well the facets interact with light. They are further categorized as Excellent cut, Very Good Cut, Good Cut, Fair Cut, and Poor Cut.

  • Color

Diamond color ranges from colorless to light yellow or light brown which is graded as D to Z. Rest colors like (Yellow, Pink, Blue, Red) is counted as fancy color diamonds. The color grading of the fancy color differs from white or colorless diamonds.

  • Clarity

If you look inside of the diamond there must be some inclusions and if it’s on the surface then it’s called blemishes. The clarity of diamonds depends on how much a diamond is inclusions or blemishes it has or not. That is grades as FL, IF, VVS1 or 2, Vs1 or 2, SI1 or 2, and I1,2, or 3.

FL – Flawless

IF- Internally Flawless

VVS – Very Very Slightly Included

VS – Very Slightly Included

SI – Slightly Included

I – Included

  • Carat
    The weight of a diamond is measured in CARATS. Each carat is divided into 100 points so when a jeweler tells you that this diamond is of 0.25 pointers you can simply refer to it as 0.25 carats. Over 1-carat diamonds are then counted in carats in decimals. For example “1.08 carat”.

Are 4 C’s of diamonds important?

So I guess now you are clear about what are 4 C’s of a diamond is about and how important it is to check them before owning one. The major mistake people make before buying a diamond or a diamond ring is not checking with the 4 C’s of a diamond before buying it.

But in black diamonds, it is completely different all the 4 C’s doesn’t matter. So let’s compare both and check the differences between black and white diamonds.

Black Diamonds Vs White Diamonds

Black Diamond

  • Consist of graphite inclusions.
  • They are opaque due to a high level of inclusions inside.
  • Black diamonds do not show fire but reflect light that falls directly on its surface.
  • The value of a black diamond is still high and is natural but they are not counting on a scale of white diamonds.
  • They are mined from only Brazil and Central Africa.
  • Black Diamonds are rare.
  • The price of a natural black diamond is from $3000 to $5000 per carat.
  • The biggest Known black diamond is black Orlov worth more than $300,000 weighs around 67.50 carats.


White Diamond

  • Do not consist of graphite inclusions hence is colorless.
  • White diamonds are not opaque.
  • White diamonds usually show fire and glitter as the light can easily pass through its surface.
  • Value for white diamonds are measured based on 4 C’s
  • Found in all the mines from Africa, Russia, Central America, etc
  • You can easily source them.
  • The price of the white diamond is from $2500 to $18000 per carat depends on its quality.
  • The biggest known white diamond is The Cullinan-I worth up to $2 billion weighs around 3,106.75ct.

I hope from the details above you get to know about the difference between black diamonds and white diamonds. Most people think black diamonds are real or not but the truth is they are genuine.

What are setting trends in jewelry? Black diamonds or White Diamonds?

Even if the use of colorless diamonds is most common in jewelry, Black diamonds are setting a unique trend in modern jewelry. We all know how much black color is trending in the fashion world today and due to this, the trend of black diamonds has seen a drastic peak in the last 10 years.

Celebrities like Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, and more have seen rocking red carpets with their black diamond jewelry.

You can check with the blog link below to read more.

Celebrity black diamond jewelry.

White diamonds are used more but the Black diamond is setting a great trend with Rose Gold. As black diamonds are also available in different shapes like Kite, Hexagon, Coffin, Shield, they are in great demand.

Black diamonds are affordable in comparison with colorless diamonds or any other fancy color diamonds. So next time when you think of black diamonds don’t hesitate to buy them as they are worth it. They have their own unique existence just like a black color rose.

Things you can collect from this blog?

  1. Black diamonds are natural/real
  2. Black diamonds are in trend
  3. Their price is estimated differently
  4. Black diamonds do have a history
  5. You can afford black diamonds easily.
  6. Black diamonds are RARE.

White diamonds or black diamonds whichever you buy, diamonds are always natural. They are irreplaceable, due to their naturality, The way they are formed inside the earth. The craze for a diamond is never-ending as they are FOREVER.

To gain more information about black diamonds you can check with our blog on medium.

What Are Black Diamonds? Are They Real?

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