Salt and Pepper Diamonds – One in a Million Type.

salt and pepper diamonds

Salt and Pepper Diamonds? What are they? Let’s understand this one in a million type of diamond in more detail. In this world full of traditional activities many of us want to stand out, most of us are looking for something that defines our personality.

What do most people think when they are searching to buy an engagement ring for their dear ones? Something that looks classy, undefinable, or timeless beauty right?

Diamond rings are most sold worldwide for a proposal to remember. The only reason behind it is that diamond is forever and people often chose it to make the moment unforgettable.

While buying diamond engagement rings online it is necessary to look for the 4c’s of the diamonds. But many of us want to select something that stands out from others is doing. And if you are searching for something which looks extraordinary or what we say is “One in a Million”

What are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

Have you ever heard about diamonds with salt and pepper? No, I am not talking about the food but these diamonds got their name from their appearance. Every diamond has a flaw or some blemishes inside its surface but it’s only visible through the naked eye.

While these diamonds are full of such inclusions and blemishes which makes them look kinda cloudy or spotty. Just because of this cloudy appearance and spots inside the diamond it is called “Salt and Pepper”.
Isn’t it interesting?

Well and this natural occurrence inside the diamond makes it look unique. This fact that why most people are nowadays wanting their engagement ring or diamond jewelry to have this diamond in it.

Most of the famous jewelers are buying more of such unique diamonds from the diamond manufacturers just because of its growing demand in the jewelry world.

A diamond’s value increases more when it is available in its natural form. Because natural diamonds are rare and what’s rare is unique. Many people ask several questions about this diamond because it is still less known. But once they wear jewelry with such an outstanding piece they fall in love with it at very first glance.

What makes them unique?

Traditional diamonds do come with flaws but salt and pepper diamonds are full of large inclusions and transparency which traps the light inside of the diamonds which doesn’t make them as shiny as their sibling.

Now let’s come to the most important point that, what makes this diamond stand out from the rest?

There are several dark or grey spots inside salt and pepper diamonds and if you are going to buy another salt and pepper diamond then you are not going to get similar spots or appearance when placed aside. So we can say that each salt and pepper diamond comes with some extravagant qualities which make them look unique.

What are the different shapes of salt and pepper diamond?

Many of us have known about different shapes of diamonds including famous round and princess shapes, But while it is about salt and pepper diamonds it is cut in various geometric shapes. Let’s see what are the unique shapes in salt and pepper diamonds.

1. Hexagon Shape

Salt and Pepper diamonds with hexagon cut have a different style in which most of the jewelers look for this cut because of its geometric appeal. Hexagon simply has six sides and most of the salt and pepper diamonds are cut with this shape to make an authentic outlook of the diamond which fits precisely in any unique diamond jewelry you want it to fit in.

2. Kite Shape

An elongated four-sided diamond cut that looks like a kite shape as per geometric figures. If you ever wish to shop these diamonds then many famous jewelers are using this kite shape salt and pepper diamonds in their engagement ring designs. As per the growing trend, kite shape diamonds are catching fire in this race of searching for something unique. This unique cut in the most unique form of diamond gives it an extra natural touch and demandable.

3.Shield Shape

The name itself suggests something that resembles a shield, in salt and pepper diamonds it is usually triangular in shape which allows jewelers to use it as a side stone of an engagement ring design they make (mostly in three stone ring designs) The cloudy texture and spotted inclusions turns the diamond completely look like a shield that is set to protect the ring. The shield shape is very less known but most of the jewelers across the globe seek it most often.

4.Emerald Shape

One of the common and popular shapes in diamonds but in galaxy diamonds, the emerald shape has its own appeal. Most of the emerald cuts in salt and pepper are found in the rose cut to shape. The elongated shape of an emerald-cut diamond falls in the category of geometric shape. Emerald Shape salt and pepper diamonds look prettier than the regular emerald-cut diamonds. Like a galaxy trapped in a rectangle.

5.Pear Shape

Pear shape diamonds resemble nature in most cases because of their unique leaf-shaped cut. Salt and Pepper Pear shaped diamonds look different because of the unique rose-cut facets over them. It allows you to glance into a galaxy inside the leaf-shaped diamond. Hence such features make pear shape a perfect shape to fit for salt and pepper diamonds.

Above listed are some of the popular shapes which are easily available when you are looking for loose salt and pepper diamonds online.
There are few custom sizes available too and you can only get it from the skilled manufacturers who cut such diamonds with care. Like we are well-known dealers of salt and pepper diamonds across the globe with some finest and wide range of diamonds in our stock. At Jogi Gems, we have a variety of salt and pepper diamonds and jewelry made with it. We value this unique piece of diamond that emerged from the crust of the earth’s crust. Also, we believe in serving the finest quality to our customers. You can check with our online store to sneak in with our one-in-a-million collection of salt and pepper diamonds.

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