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What are Icy, Rustic or Opaque diamonds? Perfect Definition of Flawed Diamonds.

What are Icy, Rustic, or Opaque diamonds?

What are Icy, Rustic, or Opaque diamonds? Breathtaking diamonds don’t necessarily have to be white or crystal-clear. Sometimes, the natural inclusions and natural speckles might intrude on you. Try looking at the celestial sky in Galaxy diamonds or the shimmering translucent edges of icy rose-cut diamonds. The imperfection of Icy Diamonds makes it more attractive, […]

5 Reasons to Buy Raw Diamond Rings

Have you ever heard of raw diamond rings and wonder what it looks like? There are diamond jewelry with classic diamonds but have you ever tried to search for something different? This uniqueness in your thought regarding jewelry got you here. Rough diamonds also known as uncut or raw diamonds are born under the earth’s […]

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