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You’ve heard the saying – “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”.

We’ve seen proof of this everyday in our showroom. Few things make a girl as happy as getting a new diamond, and there’s no matching the joy she feels every time she gazes at it or shows it off to her friends.

But as much as girls love BIG diamonds, we want to let you in on a LITTLE secret…one that might surprise you.
Diamond Stud Earrings – The Diamond Set No Girl Should Be Without

After 50+ years in the jewelry business, we’ve come to believe that a great pair of diamond stud earrings are really a girl’s best friend!

WHAT? Are we kidding? Better than a 2 carat engagement ring?

We think so, and here’s why.

Diamond studs are the ultimate fashion accessory for any ladies wardrobe. They go with EVERYTHING!

Having a casual day? Dress them down.

Running to an important meeting or special event? Dress them up.

They’re comfortable to wear, gorgeous to look at, and go with anything you could possibly want to wear.

Even girls that traditionally don’t like jewelry like diamond studs!

Trading Up to Larger Diamond Studs

Here’s another scenario we’ve seen countless times.

A lady gets her first pair of diamond studs and wears them so much that she starts to wish they were a little bigger.

We call it “Shrinking Diamond Syndrome” (https://www.jogigems.com/diamonds/), and it’s a real thing for ladies who wear their diamonds everyday.

If the diamonds you bought for your sweetheart (or for yourself) seem to look a little smaller than they used to, you can simply trade them in and go up a size or two.

So if the first pair you bought was $299 and you’d like a set that’s $399, you can trade them up and just pay the $100 upgrade.

Guys – can you think of a better gift for your sweetheart than a $400 set of earrings that you’d get for just $100?

Ladies – can you think of a better way to treat yourself than spending less on an upgrade than you might spend on a spa treatment?

A Few Tips About Buying or Upgrading Diamond Stud Earrings

There are 3 key things to look for when buying or upgrading diamond studs:

#1 – The Cut
You want a bright cut that makes the stone sparkle as much as possible.

#2 – Brilliance
While we never sacrifice quality in our business, most ladies choose a more brilliant stone over a higher clarity in earrings.

#3 – Well Matched
Remember, diamonds are grown, so no 2 are ever exactly alike. However, a skilled jeweler will

Match 2 stones for a set of studs as closely as possible so that no one will ever notice.

#4 – The Newborn Created Factor
Newborn Created Diamonds give you a bigger diamond and extra sparkle for your money. When upgrading from a pair of grown diamonds, created diamonds may let you get an extra size or two as part of your upgrade.

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