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Single Cut Diamond or Eight Cut Diamond and if you’re wondering what it is, you’re not alone because most people (and some jewelers) have never heard of them either. Single cut diamonds are also known as 8/8 diamonds or eight cut diamonds because they have 8 facets on the table and 8 facets on the pavilion.

Single cut diamonds are sought after for high-end micropave settings. Typically each stone used in micropave is a full cut diamond, However, full cut diamonds are not the best to use in micropave the larger facets on a single cut diamond are proportionally bigger and tend to return distinct flashes of light and colour.

High quality single cuts are mainly used in expensive watches to mark the hour or decorate the dial. This high demand from the luxury watch industry makes single cut diamonds very scarce and expensive in comparison to full cut diamonds (quite the opposite of what you would expect given the fact that full cut diamonds with 58 facets take a lot longer to manufacture). The luxury watch industry consumes virtually the entire annual production.

Single Cut Diamond

Single Cut Pave

At Daniel Prince of London we will use single cut diamonds only for the most exclusive pieces or when a customer specifically requests them. Sometimes it will take several weeks for certain sizes of single cuts to be delivered, but from an artists’ point of view, it is definitely worth the additional wait and expense to opt for single cuts instead of full cuts.

Most retailers would prefer to sell full cut stones because they’re easier to source, and will usually explain how each tiny stone has all 58 facets just like the larger ones, but those who have broader knowledge of micro setting know full well why single cuts with perfect symmetry, are more important than symmetric full cut diamonds, because you simply cannot get the same mesmerising look from full cut melee diamonds that you can get from single cut diamonds.

If you are considering commissioning a bespoke engagement ring with micropave setting in the surrounding halo or shank, you should consider having single cut diamonds. Contact us if you have any questions.

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