Cushion Shape Loose Natural Diamond 1.40 Ct 6 MM AAA Quality Black Color Diamond For Ring


100% Ethically source, conflict-free Natural diamond.

We are Selling Natural Diamond, Raw Diamonds, Uncut Diamonds, rough diamonds, and Natural uncut rough diamonds, which can be used for making diamonds necklace, bracelets, earrings, and customized jewelry. This diamond originates from Africa and is conflict-free.


Natural Diamond

Weight: 1.40 Ct

Measurement: 6.60 mm X 6.10 mm X 3.70 mm

Shape: Cushion


Color: Heated Black

Clarity: Opaque

Cut: Excellent (Ideal)

Treatment: YES

Origin: Africa

SKU: BLK-4063

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Black Diamonds with a cushion cut are the ideal fusion of traditional and contemporary design. It’s a classic cut with contemporary charm and a history that almost saw it go out of style. 


Originating in the 18th century, this vintage, romantic style is characterized by its large open features, which draw attention to the stone’s color and clarity.


A cushion shape black diamond is one of the most popular worldwide, and this cutting design has gloriously returned to popularity. The black diamond cushion is exclusive and rare in its beauty.


See why a cushion cut ring is now popular for engagement rings since it personifies love and beauty. Explore the beauty at Jogi Gems. 


Here are all the reasons to choose the beautiful combination of rare beauty with modernism!


  • The diamond is beautifully crafted in a cushion-cut shape
  • It features stunning natural black colour with rustic clarity 
  • The gemstone is 1.40 CT in weight with a diamond size of 6mm 
  • The stone is a pure AAA black diamond  that is 100% natural diamond
  • You get to customize your magical stone for your loved one


Know more about our quality and diamond kinds below. 


While understanding all the factors linked to a cushion diamond ring is vital, your preferences for the appearance of your perfect cushion-cut diamond should be clear in your mind. 

You can design your ring in a personalized way. 


Loose black diamonds with the cushion cut are incredibly beautiful in all kinds of settings. Cushion cuts create a magnificent appearance for any cushion black diamond engagement ring thanks to their timeless beauty and contemporary, passionate allure.


  • A perfect halo setting is most loved by couples. When it comes to dazzling up your wedding band this is the best setting to opt for. 
  • When a classic black diamond is combined with a cushion cut diamond, retro and evolution styles have never been seen as better. Try a bezel setting to oomph up the style. 
  • One of the eye-catching designs that you must try, if you want show stopper kinda vibe. Is a Solitaire setting for your woman. 


You may be sure that any cushion cut diamond you select will be remarkable in any scenario. The elegant and dynamic shape of the smooth and soft material is perfect for any selection of features. You’ll be adoring it for a very long time, find the one that really speaks to you!


Whenever confused with your black diamond fancy shape selection, you can always reach out to us on our chat box for expert suggestions and advice. 


To Sum up


Cushion cut diamonds are one of the most charming and versatile diamonds that you can customize with any piece of jewel. Be it cushion diamond stud earrings, black cushion cut rings, bracelets and pendants. Explore your wide options of loose diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds, halo designs, futuristic styles and a vast range of natural and lab-grown diamonds with us. Let our experts serve you the best!


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