Gray Faceted Diamond Beads

Make your dreams come true with our faceted grey diamond beads necklace and bracelets at affordable prices. Grey diamonds will help you accomplish things in your life. Grey diamonds usually represent nature. The color Grey is one of the best colors as it’s neither black nor white.

It will be a perfect gift to someone whom you love as this diamond states nobody is perfect and your imperfections are valued as it makes you the way you are. Therefore choosing a grey diamond beads necklace will make a great choice ever.

The average size of the diamond in this necklace is 2-3 mm which is the best to make any beaded necklace or bracelet. These grey diamonds are 100% natural as they exist in their natural form, they are just cut into the facets which are responsible for the shine they reflect while you wear it around your neck or wrist.

Whether you wear it as a bracelet or necklace grey diamonds are always a great choice to wear. You can match them together, As Jogi Gems is providing you these at absolute wholesale prices in the topmost quality.

You will get grey faceted diamond beads necklace in two premium sizes that are 16" inch for necklace and 8" inch for a bracelet. The total weight of the faceted grey diamond beads necklace will weigh around 20 carats. If you want to bigger sizes in the beads then you can opt to like us over email or chat, We will make a faceted grey diamond beads necklace according to your specification. As a manufacturer of faceted diamond beads, we can offer you diamond beads from 2 mm to 5 mm sizes. One can wear a grey diamond beads necklace on a white dress or black dress too, the sparkle from this necklace is meant to catch several eyes on it whether you go out for a party or on a beach vacation.