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White Diamond Faceted Beads

Gift this white diamond faceted beads necklace or bracelet and express your forever love towards the best person of your life. Fill your heart with the power of love with our faceted white diamond beads necklace and bracelet.

Color white always resembles purity and peace, it brings peace to your mind and body when you look at those whiny white diamond beads on your wrist. White diamond has the property to enhance and purify energy, so no bad vibes allowed when you wear this on your hand or over your neck.

These diamond beads are absolutely natural and are in their natural form with the facets on their surface. They are white and look icy just like someone wearing iced carats of diamonds on their body.

It’s very rare to find a white necklace in beads, people opt for pearls but believe me you will get these bracelets and necklaces lower than natural pearl necklaces. The reason is that raw diamond beads are available at low prices than their polished form.

You will get two sizes in this one is the standard necklace size of 16″ inches and bracelet size of 8″ inches. The size of these diamond beads is around 2-3 mm sizes which are average and fit in 16″ inch and 8″ inch length.

Get peaceful vibes with glittery effects with our faceted beads diamond necklace and bracelets. Match it with your black or white dress or how about wearing it on a sunny day while going to a beach? Of course, it will look perfect.

If you are looking for a custom size or want a size of your necklace as per your request then you can approach us via email or chat we will take it into consideration and make bracelets or necklaces of your preferred sizes. Jogi Gems is a leading wholesaler of faceted diamond beads and can provide you diamond beads of size 2 mm to 5 mm normally. So if you have such a request never hesitate to reach us we can complete it as per your wish.
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