Multi color Faceted Diamond Beads

If you are looking for a colorful option to wear a necklace then you can opt for this multi color faceted diamond beads necklace. Not a color of the rainbow but all the colors that are rare and hard to find in diamonds are available in this multicolor faceted diamond beads necklace.

I know you love multi colors and not just one color made for you just like your heart which chooses to love everyone equally and it is a great sign of equality. Jogi Gems offer you this faceted diamond beads necklace that holds the meaning of equality where you will get colors like, Red, blue, grey, black, white, green, brown, and more in one strand itself.

The average size of the faceted diamond beads available in this is between 2-3 mm but if you want bigger size diamonds then you will get up to 5 mm size. These faceted diamond beads strands are in 16″ inch standard necklace length and 8″ bracelet length too.

Get this bracelet or necklace at an absolute wholesale price in the best quality. If you want to make a custom order then you are free to ask us over chat or email.  Jogi Gems will provide you custom multicolor diamond beads bracelet at fit to a budget price. You can wear this bracelet to match your colorful outfit or gift someone to add colors to their life.

Grab the best deals on our mixed color faceted diamond beads necklace and bracelets which are exclusively available online at Jogi Gems. Catch a unique and modernized look with these special and natural faceted diamond beads in various colors and sizes. Diamonds can be worn in different ways but have you ever tried them in beaded necklaces or bracelets? Well, then this time you can try it out as they sparkle just like regular diamonds with the facets on their surface. So what are you waiting for? Just get these and add more colors with sparkle to your life.