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Green Faceted Diamond Beads

If you want something that represents life, youth and vigor then these natural green faceted diamond beads are apt for you. The natural essence of faceted green diamond beads takes you close to an aspiring meaning that you hold about your life.

Usually, people go with the emerald beaded necklace or bracelet but there is good news for April borns and diamond lovers that you will be getting faceted green diamond beads for your necklace and bracelets.

With an average size of 16″ inch, this green diamond faceted beads necklace makes a perfect choice for you. In bracelets you will get an average size of 8″ inches. You will get 20 carats of faceted green diamond beads in 16″ inch length, and approx 10 carats in 8″ inch length. The size of each diamond will be 2-3 mm in this faceted diamond beads necklace. From smaller to bigger diamond beads are fit to perfection in this necklace.

These faceted green diamond beads are completely natural in their form, are cut into facets to get a shiny and glittery appearance. You can pair it with your favorite costume that you select to wear to the party. One of the most unique colors in diamonds which will not only look shiny but precious too when you wear it on your wrist.

At Jogi Gems you will get these faceted green diamond beads at wholesale prices and you can design your collection of bracelets and necklaces at fit to your pocket prices. If you are looking for big diamond beads in your necklace or bracelet then you can ask us here via email for sure. Jogi Gems have a huge collection of green diamond beads ranging from 2 mm to 5 mm sizes so if you want to make any custom necklace or bracelet feel free to ask us anytime over here. Get yourself the best gift from Jogi Gems and shine bright with our exquisite collection of natural diamond beads in fancy colors at wholesale prices.
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