1. They’re expensive.
2. You need to check they’re ethical. We all saw Blood Diamond. Don’t be that guy who doesn’t check.

1. Imperfect and non-traditional diamonds are just as beautiful as perfect diamonds.
David Rhode: “Flawless” means that to 10 times magnification a gemologist can’t see any inclusions at all, which is honestly overkill – it’s not going to affect the way the diamond looks on the finger. We don’t recommend D coloured or flawless diamonds to our clients as they just don’t represent value.
Eily O’Connell: The four C’s are just guides for traditional diamonds. People are buying more and more rough-cut diamonds, such as “peppered diamonds”, which are rings with diamonds that have black dots [pictured above]. It’s a matter of opinion. Champagne diamonds and cognac diamonds, which are also very on-trend right now, are brown variations of diamonds.
Kirsty Patterson: There are also Polki diamonds, which I sell a lot of – they’re uncut so they look very natural, and they don’t exactly sparkle in the traditional way, but to many people that’s part of their appeal.