Top 10 Most Expensive Diamonds in The World – 2020

Most Expensive Diamonds In The World Top 10 List of 2020.

Diamonds have always been an expensive material in the world since ancient times. Not only because of their shine and glittery appearance its one of the toughest material in the diamond.

Color, Cut, Carat, and Clarity are the most important thing that plays a major role in diamonds price. There are so many diamonds in the world but very few have high costs and a vibrant history.

Let’s see the top 10 expensive diamonds of the world as of 2020

10. The Mousaieff Red Diamond

Red diamonds are rare and its natural color defines so many things. The strange fact about this color is that it is defined for both love and danger. But do you know that the world’s largest red diamond weighs only 5.11 carats? Yes, true, also it’s the only fancy red diamond which is rated by GIA.

Discovered by a farmer in brazil in the mid-’90s weighed 13.90 carats when discovered. Later well-known diamond company from New York bought this diamond and sold it at $8 million. Also known as “Red Shield” due to its shape of shield cut or triangle. This diamond is enough to let you own lavish villas on the west coast of states.

9. The Heart Of Eternity

Born in the womb of “Premier Diamond Mine” South Africa which is the only diamond mine that produces blue diamonds. “Heart of Eternity” is one of the rarest blue diamonds in the world which was originally owned by Steinmetz Group. Who estimated its color to be fancy vivid blue then sold this diamond to DeBeers and company. As the only source of blue diamonds is “Cullinan mine” the price of these diamonds is generally higher. Hence the desire for this diamond among the diamond buyers is more than any other fancy color diamonds.

The Heart Of Eternity

26.64 Carats Huge heart-shaped diamond is well known for its rare color and biggest shaping among all the other blue diamonds. It’s known as the heart of eternity because of its shape and its color. The estimated price of this diamond is around $16 million USD. Which makes it eligible to be named as one of the most expensive diamonds in the world. As of now, this diamond was meant to be own by DeBeers and then Syed Kadri has ownership over this diamond.

8. The Perfect Pink

When it comes to the most expensive diamonds then pink diamonds never stay out of the race. Pink diamonds are rare and only found in Australia. This is why diamonds are girls best friends and love pink color the most.

The Perfect Pink Diamond

But while talking about Emerald Shape, 14.23 Carat Huge The Perfect Pink Diamond has some extraordinary features. It’s known as Perfect pink after Marilyn Monroes Perfect Pink. It is rare in both color and its shape. An unknown bidder in 2010, Bought this exceptional diamond from Christie’s for $23.2 million USD price.

7. The Wittelsbach Diamond

Another Blue Diamond in the List of Expensive Diamonds. The Wittelsbach Diamond is a blue diamond that was born in an Indian Mine. Due to its common features, it is believed that the Wittelsbach diamond is a sibling to the famous hope diamond.

The Wittelsbach Diamond

It was owned by the family to the family of European kings and empires. As of now, this magnificent diamond weighs around 31.06 Carats in a modified cushion cut and vivid blue in color. In the year 2008 at Christie’s auction, this diamond was owned by famous jewelers Laurence Graff at a whopping price of $23.4 million USD.

6. The Winston Blue

Harry Winston Bought this diamond in 2014 and renamed this diamond as “The Winston Blue”. It weighs around 13.22 Carats in a flawless pear cut shape is one of the largest blue diamond listed by GIA.

The Winston blue

Owning this diamond has set a world record of highest ever sold blue diamond in the world which was $2 million per carat. And Harry Winston paid a mind-blowing cost of $23.8 Million for this masterpiece.

5. The Pink Star Diamond

Also Known as Steinmetz Pink is one of the largest pink diamond discovered by Debeers. GIA has categorized it as the fancy vivid pink diamond that weighs 59.60 Carats. This flawless oval cut pink diamond has a step-cut crown with brilliant-cut Pavillion. Generally, step cut is referred to as emerald or cushion cut which makes this diamond unique.

The Pink Star Diamond

This stone took 8 polishers and over a time period of 20 months to cut by Steinmetz. Hence this diamond was one of the rare cut pink diamonds in the world.

The Pink Star Diamond

It appears like star shape inside the diamond due to its unique cutting. In April 2017 Famous Hongkong jewelry brand Chow Tai Fook Bought this diamond at a whopping $71.2 million USD from Sotheby’s auction. Later this diamond was renamed as CTF Pink diamond dedicating it to CTF’s chairman father.

4. The Centenary Diamond

273.85 Carat Diamond is one of the 3rd largest diamond found by De Beers from Premier Mine. It’s own by De Beers and Company. As a rough diamond, this diamond weighs around 500 carats. But after the loss of so many carats this diamond got its D color and flawless clarity which makes it expensive. It has overall 247 facets with a heart shape like cut quite different from modern-day heart shape. But it was made to fit the turban of maharaja or sultan.

Centenary Diamonds

It took over a period of 5 months to cut this rare diamond. Diamonds clarity and makes it expensive. The clarity of this diamond is “pure” and the discovery of such diamonds is so rare that they are found once in a year. An Unkown person bought this diamond for over $100 from DeBeers.

3. The Hope Diamond – Most Expensive Diamonds

Another Great Diamond From India which is said to be “Cursed”, The Hope Diamond is now with Harry Winston. He donated this to an institution that attracts many tourists.

Hope Diamond "worlds most expensive diamonds"

No matter this diamond looks gorgeous with fiery brilliant shine in blue color. But what makes it as a center of attraction is many secrets still lying inside its deep blue color. It weighs around 45.42 carats in brilliant cushion shape with fancy dark blue in color. It reflects a red light from its surface which is why people who see this believe strongly that it’s cursed but its actually because of the boron and nitrogen inside of the diamond.

Although it’s not out for sale its price is estimated to be around $200-250 USD.

2. The Cullinan Diamond – Most Expensive Diamonds

The largest diamond ever found The Cullinan Diamond weighed about 3,106 Carats, Later this rough diamond was cut into 9 stones. The biggest of them is 530.2 Carat which is known as Cullinan 1, also the largest cut diamond across the globe.

The Cullinan Diamonds

It is named after its owner of Cullinan mine, Sir Thomas Cullinan. The largest one is in London tower and other parts are believed to be with Queen Elizabeth. Price of Cullinan1 Diamond is around $400 million and with rest others, the total goes up to $2 billion making it one of the most expensive diamonds in the world.

1. The Great Koh-I-Noor Diamond – Most Expensive Diamonds

Also known as “Mountain of Light” The Great Kohinoor diamond is one of the largest diamonds to be cut in the world (105.6 Carats). Which originated years back in Kolllur mine of India and owned by the kakatiya dynasty. It is oval brilliant-cut in shape which most geologists referred to as “full of life”

Koh i noor most expensive diamonds in the world

Topping the list of most expensive diamonds in the world, Kohinoor has a mysterious history of being stolen, bartered, or gifted. Bloodiest battles have been fought because of this diamond in ancient India to obtain this diamond, hence with a diamond of boon, it is believed as a diamond of curse too. From Indian dynasties, Moghuls, Sikhs, and to British Everyone owned it, and still, it is counted as precious Gem From India.

Koh i noor most expensive diamonds in the world

I hope you get to understand in this blog about expensive diamonds in the world till 2020. And the reason why they are expensive with its past, cut, size and color. Diamonds are expensive and what makes it more worthy its always about its Color, Carat, Cut, and Clarity. Jogi Gems appreciates and admire such beauty of diamonds and love to share information with our readers.

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