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Rose cut dimaonds pear shape and oval shape

Since Justin Theroux proposed to Jennifer Aniston in 2012, there has been an increased interest in rose cut diamonds. Their facet patterns make them a very different choice from the sparkling round, princess and oval-cut diamonds that are popular today.

Rose cut diamonds are named after the flower, which they are said to resemble. With a flat base – where a round diamond’s pavilion would be – their crown is formed in a faceted dome. This vintage diamond cut can have from 3 to 24 facets, each bringing a slight variation to the shape.

The antique rose cut dates back to the 16th century, and was popular until the early 20th century. During the early 1900s, modern and sophisticated diamond cutting techniques developed that allowed for more intricately brilliant shapes. As electrical lighting became widespread, consumer tastes moved towards diamond cuts that would exhibit the most sparkle.

The current revival of the cushion-cut diamond reflects a return to vintage tastes. An adaptation of Old Mine and Old European diamond cuts, the cushion emphasizes a softened, romantic silhouette in contrast to the princess cut’s angled brilliance. While the rose cut’s somewhat glassy appearance (those fewer facets result in dramatically less sparkle) is unlikely to ever reach similar levels of popularity again, they can be an intriguing alternative for those who want a more unique engagement ring.

Rose cut diamond rings are designed in a range of styles and precious metals. Rose gold rings are a playful, vintage-inspired choice, while platinum is an enduring look that emphasizes the lack of color in high-quality diamonds. A rose-cut diamond halo ring will bring welcomed brilliance to the antique shape, whereas a simple solitaire will draw focus to its unique silhouette.

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