Natural Loose Congo Cube Rough Diamonds

Diamonds are formed naturally in several shapes such as Octahedrons or Dodecahedrons and cubes and cubes are the most popular shape to make creative jewelry

As cubic diamonds are the secondary growth pattern they are usually thick coated and therefore very difficult to see inside till the diamond ha s been cut so this does make it more difficult to value the diamond in the rough as you cannot go just by weight and shape

Demand is very strong for one carat size cubes a s they make ideal centre piece for compared to a cut diamond these are unique in shape and colour so good for individual ring stone for mens ring

Clusters of small cubes are good for cluster style rings and if cube has hole drilled they are ideal for necklace jewelry

Rings can be made out of channel set cube diamonds and earring can be long Sheppard hook design with diamond cubes set in them bezel set

Congo diamond cubes are also popular but these do not come from war torn Congo but from south Africa so they are conflict free

Majority diamond cubes are small around 1.5 to 2 mm in diameter and they do vary in colour and cubes are 6 sided so they need to be matched to make into earrings

Botswana’s Jwaneng Diamond Mine, the world’s richest mine, is also commonly known for producing cubes.

Jewellers can buy and make creative jewelry from natural formed diamonds instead standard polished diamonds but need more creative flare to make unique jewelry

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