Pear salt and pepper diamonds

Pear salt and pepper diamonds or teardrop are well known for their shape. Due to its slim and wide shape, it is most popular which looks like a frozen teardrop. In salt and pepper diamonds, the diamonds consist of a rose-cut facet which creates an elegant appeal. The use of teardrop is common in antique style jewelry. Most common in vintage rings in rose gold. Apart from that earrings, bracelets, and pendants feature salt and pepper diamonds too. So if you own such a unique jewelry style then you must check with our one of a kind collection too.

Our Collection of Pear shape salt and pepper diamond is unique. You can find diamonds from size 3 mm to 15 mm in size. 0.30 CT to 5 CT size of diamonds is available, from full-cut, rose-cut to brilliant cut. These diamonds are useful for any antique style engagement rings, pear-shaped engagement rings. Pear shape also resembles the heart shape when cut bit wide. Due to its pointed end shape and broad upper shape, so in most of the earrings, it is used as heart shape earrings too. In salt and pepper rose cut these earrings are of antique style. Moreover, heart shape pendants are also made out of these teardrop pieces. Natural pear rose cut salt and pepper diamonds are diamonds that are used to add elegance. If you want to make an engagement ring out of this then you can select pieces from our stock. Also if you have don't find the desired stone in this stock then you can mail us directly. Our customer helpline is there to assist you 24/7 regarding such queries. And if you want to make an engagement ring or jewelry out of such pieces don't hesitate to message us. We are leading supplier of pear shape rose cut salt and pepper diamonds, and can serve you with the best of it.
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