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Pear Shape Diamond

Pear shape diamonds are one of the most intriguing diamond cuts out there. As with all other fancy shape diamonds, they come in a variety of length to width ratios (short and wide to long and narrow). All have the rounded tops that taper down on the edges to distinct point at the bottom tip. In the attached photo you can see three different options with the one on the left being long and narrow, the one in the center wider and shorter, while the one on the right is in between and has the most classic of the shapes with a length to width ratio of approximately 1.50:1.
There is no clear cut answer as to which one is “better” and really comes down to the client’s preferences. Each individual pear shape diamond is very unique and at Lauren B we offer you the full spectrum of cuts. Some have the preference for the longer one because it will give you more finger coverage while others rather have the wider ones to give you a fuller appearance. Either way, pear shape diamonds are gorgeous and while some may look at it as being a classic, older style they have seen a great revival of late most notably in our custom halo design. pear-shape rs-60We have been creating some gorgeous rings in our micropave halo design such as RS-60 from our website. With its delicate band, this ring really makes the center-stone stand out and looks very attractive on the wearer’s hand. Let us help you choose the perfect pear shape diamond – jogigems

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