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Fancy Shape diamonds Manufacturer

Fancy shape diamonds manufacture

                     Fancy Shape Diamonds Manufacturer Diamondsare cut in many different and exciting shapes. The shape of a diamond is often confused with its cut. Shape refers to the basic form of the diamond: round, emerald, oval, princess, Old european cut,  Cushion or pear shaped, for example. […]

why diamonds are so expensive


Diamond engagement rings are a deep tradition Indian ,Usa ,Spain ,Hongkong culture. But is it because we like them or is it because we were told to like them? As we’ve explained before, the engagement ring tradition only appeared in the past century . There were other symbols of engagement(love) before this, including rings, but […]

fancy Pear Shape Diamonds description – jogigems

Pear Shape Diamond

Pear shape diamonds are one of the most intriguing diamond cuts out there. As with all other fancy shape diamonds, they come in a variety of length to width ratios (short and wide to long and narrow). All have the rounded tops that taper down on the edges to distinct point at the bottom tip. […]

Why is the Diamond So Desirable? – Jogigems

Whenever we see a celebrity wearing a beautifully detailed diamond choker, or a friend beamingly showing off her diamond engagement ring, it’s easy to understand why diamonds have become so incredibly desirable. Teamed with a simple pair of diamond earrings, even the most nondescript dress will become a looker– diamonds bathe everything in their proximity […]