How Black Diamond Made its place in Traditional Jewelry.

black diamond jewelry

Black Diamond Jewelry in Various Pieces like Engagement Rings, Pendants, and Stud Earrings is now commonly seen. But how many of us know about this aberrant diamond? Very few do, yeah maybe for most of us diamonds are either transparent or shiny.

Yeah, few do know about rare color diamonds like pink, blue and red. Another fact about people avoiding colored diamonds is due to their high cost. In black diamonds, it is different, Even though they are listed as fancy color diamonds still one can get them at lower prices.

Still, the popularity of black diamonds and their beauty is soaring up for a few decades. Let’s know about black diamonds and how they have shaken up the diamond jewelry world.

What are Black Diamonds?

Black diamonds are color diamonds that are filled with a high level of inclusions inside them. These inclusions are black which gives a dark appearance to the diamond color. Black diamonds are also known as carbonados as it an impure form of many crystals of diamonds, unstructured carbon, and graphite. Such a structure blocks the light reflection from the inside of the diamond.

raw black diamonds

It is also considered one of the toughest forms of diamond on the earth. That’s the reason why it is quite hard to cut and polish them. They are found in alluvial deposits of South America and Central Africa.

How Rare Are Black Diamonds?

Do you know that black diamonds are heat treated to get solid jet black color? You read that right, Black diamonds are heat treated with carbon molecules and this is the only reason they are cheaper than other color diamonds.

If you want to buy a natural diamond then you will get that too. But it will look dull and not jet black. Hence most of the jewelers who buy black diamonds prefer heat-treated black diamonds. But there are few jewelers too who only select natural as they want it the way it was born.

natural black diamond

Let’s compare the prices of both, in general, you will get an untreated 1-carat black diamond in the $2000 to $3000 price range. While a 1-carat treated black diamond will cost you around $300 only.

Treated or non-treated black diamonds are natural and unique among other color diamonds.

History of black diamonds in Jewelry

The history of the black diamond is too old, The world’s largest black diamond, the Black Orlov is a live example of it. A unique black diamond weighing around 65 is set in a pendant with a halo of white diamonds. So we can say that black diamonds have a great history and it’s nothing new in diamond jewelry.

Let’s check what type of diamond jewelry they are set in.

Black Diamonds in Modern-Day Jewelry

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

black diamond engagement rings jewelry

The engagement ring with black diamonds is most commonly seen. Jewelers who design their jewelry with black diamonds prefer to use it as a center stone the most. As there are different shapes available in black diamonds it is quite easy to use black diamond as a center stone in an engagement ring.

Black Diamond Pendants

By Grace Through Faith Black Diamond Pendant - Selena Gomez

Many jewelers use black diamonds in solitaire pendants. As well as sign pendants with black diamonds or their accent are common too. Due to their dark color black diamonds gives a bold look to sign pendants.

Black Diamond Wedding Bands

rihanna chevron black diamond rings

If you don’t like big carats in the center but would love to go for a petite look instead then black diamonds in a rose gold wedding band are the best option for you.

Black Diamonds Earrings

black diamond hoop earrings

Jewelers often design their antique-style earrings with rose cut black diamonds in pear and fancy shapes. These include black diamonds swinging in hoops or dangle earrings. Women who want to style themselves bold then they can go with such black diamond earrings for sure.

Black Diamond in Hip Hop Jewelry

Hip Hop culture has always shown up with fine and luxurious jewelry. Just like regular diamonds black diamonds are always one of the best choices for famous hip-hop jewelers and rappers.

bat hip hop pendant

The best example of hip-hop jewelry with a black diamond is a tennis bracelet necklace or a Cuban link chain. Many custom pendants featuring black diamonds in small sizes appear to be rappers’ choices. The Great combination of color diamonds, with black and white diamonds, has shaped the hip-hop jewelry trend in past few years.

Black Diamond in Men Jewelry

Men have shown much interest in black fashion since the very beginning of its trend. Stud earrings for men with black diamonds are the best example. Also in cufflinks, signet rings, and bracelets black diamonds have played an important role in men choosing them.

cuban link chain mens

Antique Black Diamond Jewelry

Not only polished black diamond jewelry but uncut black diamond jewelry is also trendy. A trend most nature lovers follow, in rough diamond jewelry too black diamonds gain their place. Whether it be a faceted bead necklace, bracelet or antique diamond ring use of black diamonds is most if compared to other colors.

cross beads necklace

Call it a little lump of shiny charcoal, black stone, or a diamond whose color makes it unique. You cannot deny the fact that the use of black diamonds in jewelry has raised and it is only due to its authentic characteristics.

There are many reasons, to call it by its color, hardness, characteristics, popularity, or trend. Black diamonds are special, they hold great meaning, and love with the darkness that caused thousands of years of go. It gives you the power to keep a strong grip on your dark thoughts and turn it into a creative mindset.

It’s not about color, it’s about nature and how close we are to each flaw. And how our mind falls in love with all the imperfections suddenly because of their natural beauty.

Thanks to all those creative ideas who saw the beauty of a black diamond and made people fall in love with it all over again.

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