Ultimate Guide To Black Diamond Engagement Ring And Black Diamonds

black diamond engagement ring

Black Diamond Engagement Ring

A black diamond engagement ring is becoming increasingly popular. It is not only because of its lower price point. But also because of its unusual, opaque color, and its gorgeous brilliance and shines. They are also very much impressive demand and choice for those less traditional brides, who continue searching for something a bit edgier.

So, if you are looking for something a bit unusual from the pattern, why not opt for a black diamond ring instead of a traditional colorless diamond. Are you now in a dilemma? Okay, just let us go for a satisfaction why you should be here at least and find out the best reason you are reading this and worth your consumed time.

Reason to choose a black diamond engagement ring

black diamond engagement ring


Black diamond jewelry is very much affordable than traditional diamonds.  Yes, it’s true! For people who love diamonds and know that they required considerable investment. Of course, they look amazing, but many of them are out of some people’s budgets. Here, thanks for the fact that clarity is less important in black diamonds. On the other hand, it also requires less rigorous testing and grading, resulting in a smaller price tag in many situations.

I don’t mean that you can buy a perfect black diamond engagement ring with the same style and same cut as colorless diamonds. But you can opt for the better one, as black diamonds are far affordable. You can surely invest in larger black diamonds for the same price you’d spent on much smaller colorless diamond varieties.
It makes a black diamond engagement ring the perfect choice. Most, seemingly when you’re buying for a lady with a rare and flashy taste.


black diamond engagement ring


Natural black diamonds are the most eye-catching, and obviously, people buy black diamond jewelry because of its good looks. Whether it’s a small or a large black diamond, you entirely get satisfied with it, and also you got to love it as well.

Until fairly recently, natural black diamonds were not considered high-end gemstones. Diamonds of this variety began gaining quality within the late twentieth century, once the black diamond engagement rings and alternative pieces of jewelry began to seem.

Today, it is straightforwards to seek out the black diamond engagement ring, earrings, bracelets, and alternative high-ended jewelry. Due to their black color, black diamonds have a distinct, peculiar look that sets them aside from alternative gemstones.

Black Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

The black diamond is so unique that any black diamond engagement rings are bounded to collect a lot of attention. Pair your stones with a beautiful, suitable setting for an engagement ring that appreciates for years to come.

Besides this, it is also essential to choose diamond shapes that match the style and personality.

What do black diamonds symbolize? Just like colorless diamonds, black diamonds symbolizes eternal, flawlessness, and passion. Black diamond engagement rings, however, signify authority, power, and strength.

The black diamond engagement ring symbolism makes it a perfect gift to someone surprise when you’re about to propose.

Are black diamond engagement rings popular?

black diamonds engagement ring


Although colorless diamonds are the most universally recognized in engagement rings, black and white diamond engagement rings are gaining popularity. Now just considered as “Fancy black”, naturally black diamonds remained historically held in low regard.

These stones are incredibly precious, absolutely brilliant, and considered positively precious. However, even with all the hype about black diamonds, these stones are more affordable than most other natural fancy colored diamonds.

Types Of Classic Black Diamonds 

Black diamonds come in two main kinds: Natural black diamonds and diamonds treated to convert black. Like with almost all gemstones, the first kind of diamonds have a natural black appearance and are significantly more valuable and most desirable.
The natural black color of the diamonds which is not enhanced or not treated will have a not complete black natural color.

While, the second one of black diamonds is a natural black diamond but treated or enhanced that gives the jet black color and opaque in clarity but, its characteristics are similar to natural black diamonds.
The only difference will be jet black color. The hardness will always remain 10 on the MOH scale.

We can have different types of black diamonds shapes and if you are not aware of black diamond shapes than you can check this given link below

Black Diamond Shapes

The origin of the black diamond


The origin of the black diamond is accepted to be caused by the graphite. Black diamonds have inclusion in a  tremendous number. It is just like small blemishes that affect gemstone appearance. This large number of inclusion is enough to change the color of black diamonds used in jewelry. Among all gemstones, diamonds are identified for their durability. Scoring a 10 (the highest possible) on the MOHs scale of the hardness of the mineral.

Black Diamonds Rarity And  Prices  

When it comes to the black diamond, it is quite hard to distinguish between a natural stone and a stone treated to turn into black. The former is far rarer and more worthwhile than the latter.
Unfortunately, the method of treating diamonds is somewhat widespread.
It is usually still hard to tell the difference between natural black diamonds, and a diamond treated to change its color.

When you seek black diamonds, see for any stones that have a seemingly lower price. Probably, black diamond marked at a considerably lower than other gemstones has been colored-treated.
Even a report nothing a natural diamond doesn’t mean that it is a natural fancy black diamond. A diamond reported as a “natural diamond” could refer to a natural diamond that is treated to take on black color.