What Are Ethical Alternative For Diamonds?

Alternative Diamonds, Rose Cut Diamonds, Black Diamonds, Salt and Pepper Diamonds.

Diamonds are very precious gemstone since the beginning. There Are many alternatives to diamonds that have been discovered lately. Moissanite is one of them. But ever looked for an ethical alternative for diamonds?

Why People Search for a Diamond Alternative?

Diamonds are not cheaper, the higher the carat, sharper the cut and higher the clarity, Its prices touch much higher too.

This is the main reason why people look for a diamond alternative. High prices, But many diamond simulants such as moissanite and lab-grown diamonds have tried to dethrone the diamond’s place. People still looking for something that is natural which is valuable and worthy to have it.

And hence getting a diamond alternative with the same property in its natural form is harder now, that too at lower costs. Moissanites arent natural too.

But, What if you can get diamonds at the lowest prices in a fit to pocket price? Yes, it is possible!

In this blog, we are going to learn about such ethical alternative of diamonds, which are diamonds but a fit to pocket price.

Black Diamonds – Natural Diamond Alternative.

A black diamond is a diamond itself, not the alternative but if you want to buy diamond jewelry and it seems costly to you then you can move towards black diamond jewelry.

Types of Black Diamond - Natural Vs Treated Black Diamond.

Not only black diamonds are cheaper but is the hardest form of a diamond. Usually, there are two types of black diamonds available in the market, Natural black diamonds and Treated black diamonds.

Treated Black Diamonds

Treated Black Diamond - Alternative Diamonds

The word itself symbolizes that these are the black diamonds in treated form. Why they are treated? Black diamonds consist of lots of inclusions, hues, nicks, and pots on its surface, and to get a jet black shinier surface, they are heat-treated for hours. And hence treated black diamonds are the cheapest black diamonds ever. It will generally cost you $200 to $250 per carat price of the best quality.

Natural Black Diamonds

Natural diamonds with heavy inclusions are black diamonds. Also, know as carbonado diamond is a formation of dark inclusions inside. Due to such inclusions, they don’t fall into grading parameters of diamonds but are often count as colored diamonds.

Natural Black Diamond - Alternative Diamonds

As they don’t have to go through heat treatment they retain their natural form and hence their prices are quite higher than treated black diamonds. You can get these diamonds at $1,500 to 2000 USD which is still way cheaper than any other color diamonds or regular diamonds.

So now for the next time when you will search for a better diamond alternative don’t forget to choose a black diamond. Reasons are quite simple; they are natural and cheaper, and yeah toughest than any other diamond.

Salt and Pepper Diamonds As a Diamond Alternative

Another form of diamonds but not popular because of its impurities. Salt and Pepper Diamonds are one of the suitable diamond alternatives for you. With lots of impurities or not, but they are still natural diamonds.

It has got its name from its impurities and these diamonds look more like salt and pepper put inside of it. Let’s understand salt and pepper diamond in short.

Salt and Pepper Diamonds - Alternative Diamonds

Salt is the whitish or cloudy part and pepper resembles black spots that formed naturally inside the diamond. An interesting fact about salt and pepper diamonds is – That there won’t be the same stone with similar inclusions. Which means each diamonds have their own appearance. Although they are available in many colors the Gray color is most famous.

One of the most famous and rare salt and pepper diamonds is Galaxy diamonds. Due to its heavy black inclusions inside it look like a galaxy inside of the diamond.

The use of salt and pepper diamond is most common in an antique and vintage diamond rings. Popular jewelers made this gem available and its existence as a diamond, back with their unique creations. Another name for Salt and Pepper is “One of a kind Diamond” because of its uniqueness.

The cost of salt and pepper diamonds depends on their sizes. But in general, it ranges from $150-$1500 USD. Cheaper than other diamonds.

Hence choosing salt and pepper diamonds as a diamond alternative is far better than choosing moissanite.

Rose Cut Diamonds

One of the oldest cut in diamonds, Rose cut diamond reflects a rosebud over a diamond surface because of its unique facets.

With a flat bottom and domed peak top, rose-cut shape catches many eyes. One can easily find modern-day rose cut in opaque or icy diamonds. Its unique rosebud like cutting that reflects brilliant light, makes it one of the most unique cut.

Due to its flat back structure, most of the rose-cut diamonds appear bigger but are lesser in carat weight. Rose-cut diamonds are cheaper due to their lesser carat weight and bigger appearance.

The price range of rose-cut diamonds is between $1500 to $6000. So aren’t rose-cut diamonds.

So what are the Ethical Alternative for Diamonds?

Black Diamonds turns out to be the best one if your desire is to get something that fits your budget. Natural and trendy which is suitable in any jewelry form.

Salt and Pepper Diamonds, as they are equivalent to black counterparts but are one of a kind. So it’s worthy to keep something that is original with a meaningful background.

Rose Cut Diamonds, are something closer to the diamonds. Due to its unique cut and shape, it falls in a perfect category for a diamond alternative.

Whether you buy Rose Cuts, Black Diamonds, or Salt and Pepper Diamonds, Always remember choosing what is natural is never going to be a bad mark. Jogi Gems is a leading diamond supplier and offers a variety of diamonds to our clients. We know what people desire and we fulfill it completely.

Diamonds aren’t only something that you see sparkling on your diamond ring, It’s more than that. Every diamond has some unique history, Each shape has its own meaning, and It’s color does mean something. So while chasing the shine don’t forget to choose its natural source. Because everything that glitters isn’t a diamond. Diamonds are rare and what’s rare is worthy.

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